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Stewart’s alleged lover is none other than Andrew Caldwell, who rose to international fame with a viral video in which he declared that he had been “delivered” from his homosexuality. “Girl, you know your husband was gay.” As Radar has reported, Williams has made gay innuendo at Stewart in the past, suggesting that she had served as her husband’s beard during their marriage.“I don’t like mens no more,” Caldwell declared to a church congregation. ” Caldwell has since admitted that he’s still gay — and now he’s saying that he had an affair with Stewart while he was married to Porsha! While he claimed that sleeping with Stewart was only a one-time occurrence, he was able to parlay the affair into quite the lucrative arrangement.

She even said on the show that she couldn’t get pregnant because he sexually neglected her during their marriage.

Williams, who was married to Stewart for two years before their divorce in 2013, may be rocking her old ring, but she’s very much single.

Earlier this month, she told PEOPLE that fans will see her dating on this season of the show — though it’s just “not as much of a priority of mine as it’s seemed in the past.” “I absolutely know myself more today than I did when I was married” she said when asked what she’s looking for in a man.

During the reunion special for the fifth season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta the following month, she commented that she was "totally blindsided" by the filing and alleged that she learned of their separation through Twitter.

After an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta broadcast in December 2013, Williams received criticism after making comments in which she indicated her belief that the Underground Railroad was an actual railroad line. I have Porsha moments that you’ve seen on the show before.

and is rubbing some of the cast members the wrong way, especially recurring housewife Porsha Williams.

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