West norfolk dating


West Runton and East Runton together form the parish of Runton .

The village straddles the A149 North Norfolk coast road and is 2½ miles west of Cromer and 1½ miles east of Sheringham.

The mammoth's remains have now been preserved and it is planned to return them to the village for future display.

It is currently being prepared for display in Norwich Castle Museum.

Quern-stones were used to grind materials, the most important of which was usually grain to make flour for bread-making.

Up on Beeston Regis Heath there can be found circular pits called "Hills and Holes" (from the 1st edition of the Ordnance Survey map of the area), which are thought to date from prehistoric times.

Memories of performances at the two Pavilions, together with details of dates, set-lists, line-ups, hit records and 48 pages of photos, have been brought together in a book written by Julie Fielder entitled 'What Flo Said' of animals, birds and insects are regularly exposed from the eroding cliffs on the beach.

The cliffs of West Runton were once part of the Cromer Forest Bed formation which is exposed at intervals along the coast of Norfolk and Suffolk, from Weybourne to Kessingland.

Veteran performers such as Motörhead, Ian Gillan, Ozzy Osbourne, Slade and many more continued to appear until 1983, when the last gig took place.

The pub, called the "Village Inn", has a blue plaque on the wall that recalls a concert played at the now-demolished pavilion by the Punk band the Sex Pistols.

There are two restaurants in the inn, but it does not offer accommodation.

This does slow down the process of longshore drift but is used mainly as a wave break so the boats can enter the sea more easily.

West Runton Pavilion and Cromer Royal Links Pavilion were two music venues on the North Norfolk coast.

He was about 40 years old when he probably got stuck in a shallow swampy river channel.

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