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Apart from these core citrus species, there are Australian limes and the recently discovered Mangshanyegan. are now generally considered to belong within the citrus genus.

Trifoliate orange, which is often used as commercial rootstock, is an outgroup and may or may not be categorized as a citrus.

The large citrus fruit of today evolved originally from small, edible berries over millions of years.

The content of vitamin C in the fruit depends on the species, variety and mode of cultivation.

Fruits produced with organic agriculture have been shown to contain more vitamin C than those produced with conventional agriculture in the Algarve, but results depended on the species and cultivar.

Some citrus species have been present in the Mediterranean basin for centuries.

This group of species has reached great importance in some of the Mediterranean countries and, in the case of orange, mandarin and lemon trees, they found here soil and climatic conditions which allows them to achieve a high level of fruit quality, even better than in the regions where they came from.

The generic name originated from Latin, where it referred to either the plant now known as Citron (C. It is somehow related to the ancient Greek word for cedar, κέδρος (kédros).

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