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Until now, we have seen controllers, their associated views, and how they are rendered based on the action method that handles the request. This mechanism parses variables in the URL according to a pattern that you define, and automatically passes the variables to a controller action as parameter arguments. NET 2.0 Supported Operating Systems Windows 95 to Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows Server 2003 Win XP Sp2, Windows Server 2003 SP1, Vista Windows Server 2008 Development Tools (Visual Studio) VS. • Green bits refer to new assemblies with additional classes that are added in the current version.But there is an important piece missing: How does the framework knows which controller should instantiate, and which action method should invoke based on the request URL? With this approach, the URLs do not have to map to specific files in a Web site. • Red bits refer to the assemblies that were already available in the earlier versions such as . The Object Relational Mapping (ORM) provides the ability to work with the entity model instead of working with the physical data model. NET Framework 3.5 introduces the following new language features (i) Object Initializer While creating an object, the constructor is normally used to initialize the values of the object.To understand how this works let us return a string from the Action Method Now we create a view for this controller. NET 2005 Add-ons Visual Studio 2008 As a convention for easy understanding, .Click on Addview Name the view that you create or select a master page A view gets created as I added now add another method called show Employee and created the view for that view The code is now modified as below Let us now browse the application We can observe that by navigating to index view the controller method Index() got executed and when navigated to Show Employee the Show Employee() action method got executed. NET Framework 3.5 and its assemblies have been internally divided into two groups: Green bits and Red bits.

• String Length – Enables you to specify a maximum length for a string property. This feature is useful to create event handlers, since they do not require explicit functions with names. NET Framework 3.5 allows developers to create types without names.In the model create a class that returns or manipulates your data Once we are ready with data access mechanism we shall start creating the UI for displaying the data In the view content select List option Now an aspx page is generated which renders the data in form of grid but we will never find the controls but are using Strongly Typed HTML Helpers The output is displayed If you are trying to post some data we have to use [Accept Verbs(Http Verbs. It also works with SQL Entity Data Model (EDM) and SQL Designer. (ii) Collection Initializer Similar to the Object Initializer, .Post)] On the access the Accept Verbs In order to edit, delete, create views and build up logic at the model. LINQ to SQL is designed to provide a 1:1 mapping with SQL. NET Framework 3.5 provides an easier method to initialize collection objects that helps to avoid multiple add statements. NET Framework 3.5 allows developers to extend the members of a type outside the Framework.We can use Html Validation Message to display error message to end user. It is structured to enable any chapter to be read independently and not necessarily in sequence, to understand the concepts. NET • Object initializer, anonymous type, extension methods, lambda expression introduced • Enhancements to base class library in cryptographic functionalities that are compatible with National Security Agency (NSA) recommendations • New hosting model for ADO. It should not be used in cases where name or method overriding is needed.Conclusion: You can thus understand the creating the MVC application and an insight of how components communicates with each other, url routing and validation. Following notations are used in this handbook – Overview of the technology – Individual reasons in detail – Additional or related Information – Viewpoint 2. NET • Seamless integration of WCF and WF technologies • Earlier versions of VB 8.0 and C# 2.0 enhanced to VB 9.0 and C# 3.0 The following table provides information on the different versions of . Anonymous types cannot exit the scope of the current method.In we will see the routing getting registered Action result: Encapsulates the result of an action method and is used to perform a framework-level operation on behalf of the action method. This mitigates issues that may arise due to the complexity in dealing with back-end models and modifications made to the back-end models The LINQ technology introduced in . This technology allows developers to blend the expressive power of query languages such as SQL and XQuery into managed languages such as C# and VB. This enables application developers to use familiar object-oriented programming notations to query data. NET Framework 3.5 are fairly independent in their feature set. NET Framework 2.0 applications can be easily upgraded to . General features This section describes the general features in detail. Typically, developers create the object and set the properties separately.

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