Updating firmware on optical drives

Press "Windows-Q" to open the Windows Search charm, type "device manager" and then select "Settings."Select "Device Manager" from the search results.

Select "Disk Drives" from the Device Manager to expand the device tree.

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After you've downloaded your new firmware from the manufacturer's website, burn the ISO to a disc and perform the upgrade during system boot.

Click on the link for the company's support page. For example, click "Support," "Downloads" or "Drivers."Enter the model number for your HDD or SSD into the support search field.

For example, search your model number using the "Search Knowledgebase," "Search Downloads" or "Model / Parts ID" field. If newer firmware is available, click on the download link associated with it.

If this still does not help, please try the disc in another computer, if the same happens in another computer, then we know that the issue lies with the disc itself.

If however, the disc works in another computer, then we know that the disc is fine, and that the issue is specific to your PC.

If the issue is specific to your PC, Please do the following…

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