Updating acer bios


I don't think that flashing the BIOS will give you the picture, unless you have change something in the BIOS before.Hi, when you said it boots, do you have all the lights and sound, you can try an external monitor, check your RAM also, take out the battery and unplug the adapter, take out the RAM and put it back.Being that way, you'd have to format a flash drive by mounting it first, so that the file type could fit onto the floppy.It totally depends on your mobo and whether or not bios updates have been made for it, with windows some updates can just download, install, and then when you reboot the Bios is updated.

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But first and foremost I'd have to say that advice is correct, these updates are made to apply through windows.The Windows updaters aren't as safe hence why most have a DOS folder for those who know what to do.Still not sure how you get out of what I wrote that he was just backing up his current settings. Thanks If you can get an actual BIOS image file then there are utilities in Synaptic that might work, but you could wreck your machine in the process.If not already installed, you need gparted and unetbootin well yes because often Bios updates are in the form of a windows file format that fits onto a floppy drive.But first thing you need to find out if bios updates are available for your mobo.

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