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Boutique-hotel is located in the north-east of Moscow in 20 meters from the metro station Dmitrovskaya.So, it is convinient in a using of a public transport and at the same time not far from the Heart of Moscow.Like the collection of rare wines, the evoke a desire to try everyrhing.The walls of a boutique-hotel are decorated with canvases of Edvard Munch, Jack Vettriano, Terry Rodgers and others famous painters.

Russians tend to ruin any place, because there’s no point in making any effort for them. King Abdullah II is everywhere, as it should be in an Arab country.

After a lengthy battle, Shikamaru forfeited even though he had her almost defeated, leaving Temari.

Temari was sent by the Sand Village to save Shikamaru during his battle with Tayuya.

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Shikamaru and Temari first met during the Chuunin Exams, where they were paired to fight against each other.

There’s no English once you go beyond the tourist sites. A couple of kilometers of the seashore have been turned into a resort area.

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