Speed dating for musicians

I'm also a single parent, like many of my brothers and sisters in the biz, the type of lifestyle your friend is into isn't a healthy one for a ive been in many bands and i mean im not anything like super special im a fairly average guy, joke around alot just like to hang out..different than a normal guy who doesnt play guitar like me..when im in an active band i can get plenty of ladies compared to any of my non musician friends... not one woman who happened to end up with a musician....because they want to live vicariously through their success..want the attention they will never get on their own, simply by association.

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they are seen as outside the norm and have a sense of fearlessness also.i mean you wouldn't catch me dead singing on a stage.again one to many shots of good scotch and a kareoke machine to close and i might be convinced.... LOL..buddy incorporates that into his open mic night at the bar...it's freakin hilarious!!!If I could do it over again, I would in a heart beat.I dated 2 more musicians and they were awesome too.I find I sit in awe with my musician boyfriends now. Right now, Dave Grohl of the Foos is one of the most influencial musicians of our time. well....i'll admit i've always been drawn to the musical....especially bass players. and even if we don't like it...still get excited about it. you have to have that to try in a business that has loads and loads of people struggling to break into it. anyone who knows what they were born to do..goes through hell to make it happen...sexy to me. some people will settle for second class fame rather than try to attain it themselves.in high school....it's because they were the different guys...cool .jordyman is a singer/songwriter/guitar/piano player...amazing. being with a guy who demands attention and respect is a turn he's been trained to do this...since he was 5. that drive, determination and soul felt passion carries over into everything else. Leana, I'll agree.."band guys" now, are involved or married. I remember back in the day when that was their job. I guess that would be why your guy drank too much sometimes...you're always in a bar, you tend to drink, right?? Well, he and his band only had gigs on the weekends at local clubs around Phoenix and that's okay if he dranked at the club (I did too), but when we were at home he would still drink (I never drank at home). I'm going to agree with you on the "rebel quality"...probably do personify the rebel image, don't they.....

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