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Braga said she has experience hosting fan events for “One Tree Hill” —the teen drama that aired from 2003 to 2012 and starred Bush — but this is her first time organizing an event in Chicago.“We figured, hey, we have eight or nine months before this happens so we're hoping that we have more than enough time to be able to get this going, and as of right now, we're selling really, really good.

We’re very happy at the rate that it’s going,” Braga said."Chicago P. Wednesdays on NBC, while “Chicago Fire” airs at 9 p.m. A premiere date has not yet been announced for Season 3 of "Chicago Med.” "Chicago Justice” was canceled in May after one season.

Two or three more stars from NBC’s “Chicago” franchise are expected to be announced as part of the lineup in coming months, Braga said.

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"They've [Sophia and Jesse] been secretly dating for over three months, but only their close friends knew," a source told E! "Jesse is super-sweet and they are really cute together.""#TCA2014 #Chicago PD matching photo booth shot with my partner to the one from January. #Lindsay #Halstead #Chicago," the brunette stunner captioned a cozy (and super-cute!) pic with the 31-year-old hottie back when their relationship was revealed. News at the time that the cast of is "super-close" and "spending every waking moment together.""They all have really good chemistry together," the insider added."I'm such a sucker for love, and I believe in it, and I always want it to win," Sophia told E! That brief statement was all that Bush had to offer on the situation, but it's clear that she will have more to say with her new position.The admission fee allows attendees to see the celebrities but not interact with them.“Unfortunately, we have to charge admission because if not, then it just becomes a public thing and anybody from the public can walk in," said Braga, who lives in Florida.Photographs with the stars range from for a snap with Minoso to 0 for a group shot, while autographs cost to . Braga said there will be a charity raffle and vendors selling merchandise at the event.“Chicago Fire” stars Kara Killmer and Joe Minoso, “Chicago P.

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