Single foster parents dating


If you live with one parent, you know that a lot of other kids do, too.

More than 20 million kids in the United States live with one parent.

Separation and divorce are the most common reasons for this.

In other cases, the mom and dad may never have lived together, or one of them may have died.

Single parents are often working parents because someone needs to earn money to pay for food, clothing, and a place to live.

Having a job means your mom or dad is able to provide these things and more for you. A job can let a person use his or her special talents and skills.

Other choices include going to an after-school program or staying with a neighbor or relative.

Talking with other kids who live with single parents can be a great idea, too.I want my son to be fiercely independent — hard-working like me.Mikey is ridiculed when it's discovered he still believes in Santa Claus.Besides a job, your mom or dad is responsible for caring for the kids, the house, the yard, the car, the pets — everything that grown-ups do! Talk about everyone's schedule for work, school, and activities.And besides all that, your dad or mom would like to be able to spend more time just hanging out with you, too. You can also talk about what jobs around the house need to be done every day, which ones can be done less often, and who could do each job. Sing,e 11, By Janet Bloomfield (aka Judgy Bitch) Comments. November 11, By Janet Bloomfield (aka Judgy Bitch) Comments. Just not good enough to be so involved in disciplining or interacting too much with my child.

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