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The hike is based upon a recent internal milk hauling study.

dairy farmers have probably never heard of that group.

We reproduce four excellent graphs tracking dairy product consumption for the past 40 years.

GENYOUth, in tandem with the National Dairy Council and the National Football League, ties into the Fuel Up to Play 60 promotion.

If you heard about this site, then you most definitely heard that there are no boundaries in all these videos.

Some Agri-Mark members will pay higher stop charge fees to their co-op, starting in January 2018.

For the farmer being picked up every other day, thats an extra 0/month in extra marketing costs paid to the co-op.

USDA found Aurora in complete compliance with organic pasture standards.

Result: Price for dairy livestock are generally down.

I believe you have stolen my heart.” Sexy – With a sexy pick-up line, it’s all about the smooth delivery–and again, not being a total creep!

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