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Legal Resident (Rentista): For those with guaranteed non-salary income or savings.Business/Investor (Inversionista): For those with Costa Rican business or real estate investments.We will quote you right back with a more than competitive price and an on-time delivery date.Delivery and set up available throughout Costa Rica.Dusty tells his horrifying story of being trapped in the Damas Cave, near Quepos, for 26 hours. brings a unique perspective to bear on inheritance practices in the United States. The book is available from Amazon in both digital and print format. Visit to preview or purchase, or Dusty information Contact Dusty Pilot Email: [email protected] phone: 001 440 796-4105 Most estate planning books focus on legal formalities. delves deeper, helping you avoid emotional minefields and create a will thats fair to your survivors. California attorney Fred Hertz adds useful advice for attorneys and clients.

Our readers and advertisers are too smart for this ploy, but we suggest you invite them to send you the check immediately via Federal Express at the highest rate.

There are some low characters who respond to classified ads with an offer to purchase advertised items with a check in excess of the listed price.

The idea is to trick an advertiser into sending them their change before the advertiser realizes the "cashier's check" or "certified check" is a fake.

English-speaking Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, Puntarenas/Barranca/Robles area. Anyone interested in attending an English-speaking Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting in this area contact Jorge at 8306-3552 or e-mail Native English speaker wanted for part time work I am just too busy answering reservations for one of Costa Rica's busiest hotels, and need someone to give me some free time.

Ideal for a responsible semi-retired or retired person looking for something to keep busy with and supplement their income. With over 25 years of experience in Costa Rica, we understand the inner-workings of the Tico system and offer a wide range of services for newcomers and expatriates! Real Estate: purchase, sale, title study, due diligence.

Each seeks to tell something new or original about the vacation and retirement mecca. The local police are no help so Greg devises his own plan to get their money back.

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