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There would be enough fans that wouldn’t mind seeing an old singer try and belt out some tunes for nostalgic purposes, but he’s a professional fighter.

Boxing is a young man’s sport and it’s kind of sad to see someone Jones’ age still fighting.

It’s hard to believe that Moore hasn’t won a fight since 2002. You have to ask the question of why Jones would ever fight someone like that to begin with.

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Jones was occasionally getting hit due to him holding his hands down by his submitting a 90 second video about why they should get the chance to box the legend.Ken Shamrock, Michael Bisping, Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio, Chael Sonnen, and Dan Severn will compete in the other events.You can only hope that Jones doesn’t drag out his career much longer like this because it’s sad to see him fighting this level of opposition and lookin as bad as he does.If Jones was an old singer that was reduced to having nightly shows in Las Vegas, Nevada, it wouldn’t be so bad.Jones was jabbing, throwing single pot shots and doing a lot of leaning forward to clown Moore.

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