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The Cascade hops certainly star here in all resiny, piney glory.

But in the finish they’re joined by grassy Willamettes and impressively bitter Northern Brewer varietals.

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In any event, my gleaming fresh bottles were only about three week off the bottling lines of Redhook’s New Hampshire facility when I purchased them.

A drop by the original Redhook brewery in nearby Woodinville was on my agenda, so I was able to taste a fresh pint of Long Hammer straight from the Woodinville brewery, too.

One thing that struck me immediately upon entering the brewery was the identical layout to the New Hampshire facility.

That foam sticks to the sides of your glass in the form of a thick coating of Brussels lace, and the clear glass soon becomes coated with wispy traces of white residue.

On popping open my bottle, I got an immediate rush of fresh Cascade hop aroma.

Still a wonderfully drinkable, hoppy IPA bursting with resiny, piney flavor and aroma, though the beer seemed just a tad lighter than I recall from past tasting.

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