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From recurrent marriage talks to wedding advertisement to ring promotions on the radio, the pressure to get married is tangible for many in Utah.But there is no age to enter or leave the dating game.

Stephanie Tenney, a 32-year-old church member, said other people’s remarks can be hurtful as well.

In his situation, as a 30-year-old active in the professional world, it’s hard to find a place during game nights when he is asked to play Signs or Mafia.

“The older you get, the more infantilized everything feels,” Vandagriff explained.

Oates says the three points rule, as described in his You Tube video, “is all a game.” Oates says a man and a woman each start out with zero points, and their dating actions, such as calls or gifts, award them certain points.

Once someone hits three points, they’ve done enough to try contacting the other person.

“Someone said to me once, ‘Maybe you’ll be able to marry an apostle when his wife dies when you get older.’ I hate getting compared to older single women in the church. Taylor Church, a 28-year-old from Utah, decided to put his heartaches and dating experience down on paper in a book titled “I’m Trying Here: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Misadventure.” In his book, he talks about the last five to six years of his life being single.

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