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For instance, you may find you are also the office manager and the procurement person for buying office supplies, furnishings, equipment, etc.

Perhaps you do receptionist duties and handle some bookkeeper duties.

Employees must also demonstrate attention to detail so that they enter customers' requests accurately and issue clear instructions to other departments.

Sales support professionals must have good interpersonal skills to deal with customers and collaborate with other departments in the company, such as marketing, production, accounts and distribution.

Order administration is an important responsibility of the sales support team.

They handle incoming orders from sales representatives or via mail, telephone, e-mail and online ordering.

(Read reviews) Your immediate takeaway • Effectively manage changing responsibilities • Communicate and negotiate with confidence • Apply management and leadership skills to achieve continuous improvement The support you provide as an administrative professional is vital to your organization’s ability to achieve its goals and objectives.

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This comprehensive seminar gives you a wide range of skills to help you handle any work challenge with greater confidence and effectiveness.They contact customers and prospects to arrange appointments or to update them on the status of an order or a delivery.They provide sales representatives with details of customers’ orders and requests for quotations, and make them aware of any problems likely to affect customer relationships.Generally, they do not have direct responsibilities for selling, but their work contributes to good customer relationships and enables the field sales team to spend more time selling.Excellent administrative, clerical, record-keeping and computing skills are essential for the sale support role.In addition, you must have skills to manage all contacts, create, store and retrieve documents, plus a broad variety of other administrative skills.

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