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The volcanism associated with this subduction zone is the origin of the Kermadec and Tongan island archipelagos.nēsos "island") is a subregion of Oceania, made up of more than 1,000 islands scattered over the central and southern Pacific Ocean.

The indigenous people who inhabit the islands of Polynesia are termed Polynesians, and share many similar traits including language family, culture, and beliefs.

DNA analysis of modern Polynesians indicates that there has been intermarriage resulting in a mixed Asian-Papuan ancestry of the Polynesians.

Research at the Teouma and Talasiu Lapita sites implies that the migration and intermarriage, which resulted in the mixed Asian-Papuan ancestry of the Polynesians, The most eastern site for Lapita archaeological remains recovered so far is at Mulifanua on Upolu.

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Another term, the Polynesian Triangle, explicitly includes the Hawaiian Islands, as they form its northern vertex.

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Polynesia is characterized by a small amount of land spread over a very large portion of the mid and southern Pacific Ocean.

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