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I was tested positive for HIV two days later at Salisbury Hospital.

I was told I'd die in four or five years' time, but the worst part was being told I could never have children or a partner, which upset me more than having any disease.

Decide if or how you will answer questions about how you got infected.

Your relatives may appreciate knowing that you are getting good health care, that you are taking care of yourself, and about your support network.

Family members may want to know how you were exposed to HIV.Remember, every situation is different and you don’t have to tell everybody.If you aren’t going to be in a situation where HIV could be transmitted, there’s no need to tell.They can only legally ask if you have any condition that would interfere with essential job functions.It can be difficult to decide whether to tell your parents, children, or other relatives that you are HIV-positive.The mum of three – and grandmother of four – had unprotected sex with a man she met through internet dating.

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