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It's not that they're closeted—most of them go on to have girlfriends, and that's when we stop—and they make it clear they don't want anything sexual to happen. And how do you know they aren't closing their eyes and imagining that you're a woman when you're spanking them?

And how do you know they're not bi—at least where spankings are concerned?

If you go to his or her place, always tell a trusted friend where you are going.

And when hooking up online, never use Craigslist." "Be cautious," said Ruff of Ruff's Stuff blog.

We should also remember that no one is clairvoyant and that someone can hurt us without intending to.

But there's no intimate human connection, sexual or otherwise, that doesn't leave us open to hurting or being hurt.

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Seeking Answers Concerning Kink One shows up, SACK.And if you do want to explore bondage, take precautions.Never get tied up in your own home by someone you don't know.I'm a bigger guy with a lot of body hair and a beard.I love that in the gay community there is a cute term for guys like me reflecting body positivity.For us straight dudes, however, being big and hairy means getting thought of as an ape—big, dumb, smelly oafs.

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