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It was during Johnson’s lifetime little more than a large village (3,612 population in 1840), yet still the largest and most important municipality in overwhelmingly rural Mississippi.After serving an apprenticeship as a barber, Johnson bought the Natchez shop of his brother-in-law in 1830 with capital provided by his former owner.I believe it was then that God began to work on me.” arrived in Romania on video, “secretly seeing it became a noble act of resistance to the regime,” says Emil.“So I suddenly found myself going to remote places, sometimes isolated mountainous areas, often in poor peasants’ homes, invited to help show the film.Growth rates for stalag­mites of several cm per year have been measured.When one does the calculations using only one mm/year (a very slow rate), even assu­ming that growth totally stops during the very cold glacial periods, then, says Dr Silvestru, “even the tens of thousands of years assumed by evolutionists would mean we should see many more massive stalagmites than we actually find”.

Long a melting pot (established in 1716), it was shaped by French, Spanish, English, Caribbean, African, Creole, and other (often far-flung) social and cultural influences that came upriver from New Orleans or downriver from points on the Mississippi or Ohio.After a while I was very familiar with the visuals, and I preferred facing the audience while translating.I couldn’t help but notice the profound impact all this was having on people.” One night they had to travel to a secret location 46 km (29 miles) away.Sadly, Romania has yet to recover from a more recent bout of despotic evil, perpetrated by the notorious communist dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu (1918–1989) prior to his overthrow in December 1989.In a small Transylvanian town in 1954, Emil Silvestru was born into this shadowy post-war world of repression, fear and communist secret police. As Emil explains, until the 1989 revolution, “such things were decided by Ceauşescu’s semi-illiterate wife Elena, who had decided against geology Ph Ds”.It was a funny situation that night—my brain was so gassed I could hardly do the translation!

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