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Robert Janz: artist, poet, poster warrior BY DUSICA SUE MALESEVIC | The nature of New York street art is a constant battle for territory, and Robert Janz has been fighting for his space for years. im a party friendly and can join you in everything you like and give you the best sex you will ever have : P come message me on GOOGLE HANGOUTS or YAHOO MESSENGER ONLY ... GRK Fresh Greek homeless shelter Hurricane Ira Blutreich Jacob Stein and the Bakery Band Jeremy Schneider Jewish Jewish Community Project Kevin Ortiz landlords M. But Caplan is an academic I respect, he’ll be in New…So we’re talking a relatively small, though still nuclear, weapon.Waddell: What are the social responses you’ll look at?We’ve done other models of similar-sized areas, modeling natural disasters and things like that. We’re using the MASON framework: It’s open source—our computer-science department distributes it and maintains it—and we’ve used it in several projects here.

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