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However, there is still widespread opposition to planned timetable and other aspects of the project.

The independent HMRC oversight body, the Administrative Burdens Advisory Board (ABAB), refused to endorse the changes, believing that mandating them from 2018 will be too burdensome and there is a lack of time to educate businesses and provide them with the necessary tools.

Many open standards already exist in the software industry, in almost every niche. No two ticketing systems are compatible between regions. This is a massive inefficiency, and a tremendous barrier to tourists and domestic travelers alike to might want to use public transport around the country.

How could governments tendering for these systems been so short sighted?

In 2014, the UK made the decision to mandate open standards for software procurement, and they are already enjoying substantial savings, as well as increased participation by domestic suppliers who, in turn, translate those successes into greater export opportunities.

The following fleshes out the argument for a software procurement open standards mandate in NZ and provides more examples.

The plans that were announced last year affecting landlords are now being consulted on (closing 7 Widespread Opposition Although many details still remain to be explained, the Government has assured opposition that the updates will not amount to tax returns, but will involve submitting income/expenditure information in summary at least quarterly.

The solution in this case is for public agencies to insist that potential solutions comply with existing open standards such as the security standard for transit fare collection systems, CIPURSE.

Other governments, notably the UK and EU, and individual agencies in many countries, have already realised the need for open standards.

When our government hires a contractor to build a bridge, they choose from among suppliers who can demonstrate their ability to meet vendor-neutral, royalty-free open standards for engineering quality (strength, resilience) and safety (for workers and public). This is great, as it ensures a minimum objective quality threshold for bridges, and a transparent set of expectations those competing to offer such services to the government can strive to meet: a level playing field.

Unfortunately, with software procurement, suppliers have no such requirements.

Everyone knows that to compete in the software industry, you need to offer full compatibility with the market leaders.

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