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In April 2006, the Aurora Picture Show commissioned a Yacht performance as part of its Media Archeology Festival in Houston, Texas. In 2008, Yacht became a duo with the introduction of longtime collaborator Claire L. She contributed vocals to many of the songs on the 2009 album See Mystery Lights, who had previously designed album art for The Eagles.Pitchfork rated See Mystery Lights an 8.5, calling it "a triumph", and Rolling Stone wrote that Yacht "split the different between Talking Heads and electro pop, and make a breakthrough album of digital ear candy." It was chosen as a "Critic's Choice" by The New York Times critic Nate Chinen. Bechtolt told Spin, "It stands for Young Americans Challenging High Technology.In February 2006, Yacht performed at the Museum of Modern Art's P. 1 Contemporary Art Center and produced an hour-long Internet radio program with Clear Cut Press, a Northwest-based publisher of new literary work.In 2012, they recorded "Le Goudron", a cover version of the Brigitte Fontaine song (1969).In early 2013, the retailer Kohls used Yacht typeface imagery and lyrics from "Shangri-La" on a series of T-shirts made available online, until the band notified the company about possible legal liabilities. Evans have the poise of two people confident in their current path.

Because it comes from the assumption that musicians aren’t suppose to make a living or something, to be successful or stable. We’re entitled to a living as much as anybody else.

It's full-spectrum." a song satirizing the National Security Agency's unwarranted surveillance of private citizens, and donated all proceeds from sales of the song online to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The comedian Marc Maron plays the guitar solo on the song.

In November 2011, Yacht worked with the Youtuber and longtime Yacht supporter Mitchell Davis on their music video for the song "I Walked Alone." In June 2011, Yacht released Shangri-La, their second album on DFA Records.

They made a double video for its first two singles, "Utopia" and '"Dystopia (The Earth Is on Fire)", directed by the experimental filmmaker and documentary maker Rene Daalder.

P-P-P-Party at the NSA, Twenty, twenty, twenty-four hours a day! Be careful where you look today, Careful what you share. There's a place in the Beehive State Where the network goes to die.

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