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(Usually a warning that the runs are only open to very good skiers.) Intermediate or weak advanced skiers should not attempt these runs except with a professional guide or instructor.

If in doubt you can visit the pisteurs in the first aid station on the far side of the cable car. Before committing yourself to the path look left down the steep slope into the Méribel Valley.

Usually the snow is better on this arm and you get a longer more dramatic run. There are various variations of entry and two alternative exits.

Courchevel 1850 is the perfect resort for a mixed ability party.

The couloirs are approached via a 2-3m wide gently descending beaten track along the ridge between Courchevel (right) and Méribel (left).

At the start of the path there is normally a blackboard giving guidance on snow conditions.

95% of the passengers turn left on leaving the lift, the intrepid few advanced or expert skiers turn right.

The runs are currently listed as black itineraries.

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