Error updating psp firmware no card


It may take a few tries to work, in fact it took me 7 tries to get it to work.Here are few tips to get it working: Memory Stick and load Hellcat’s Recovery Flasher. Then you will be asked if you want to reset your settings. Then it will start install Custom Firmware on your PSP.When they’re connected transfer the game from the PS3 to the Playstation TV. Once the transfer is complete you may disconnect and start the game. The first thing you should know is you absolutely must have a Playstation 3 to activate a Vita or Playstation TV on lower firmware. If you have a Playstation TV that you’re trying to activate skip to the PSTV section!

Go to the PS Store, purchase and download a Vita or PSP game. Connect your Vita to Open CMA/QCMA and go into the content manager. At this point you will want to disconnect the cable from your PC. Now you may close the error and tell it to connect to a PS3 via USB cable. After you have the game transferred you can disconnect from the PS3.Once you launch that game from the Live Area your Vita will be activated on that account.While I realize that was a little of a long read it won’t take much time.Once you get through the setup you should be on your vita home screen.I would, at this point, suggest going into settings and make sure to disable automatic downloading of updates.Hi guys,a friend of mine updated his 3ds in the beginning of 2016 and somehow the wifi isn't working anymore.

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