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If an XML instance document has a DOCTYPE declaration, then to turn on validation against DTD, while parsing XML, you need to set the validating feature to true using the set Validating method on the appropriate factory.For example: Note that, even if the validation is turned off, and if the XML instance has a DOCTYPE declaration to an external DTD, the parser always tries to load that DTD.

For example: XMLSchema is yet another grammar for XML documents, and has gained huge popularity because of the XML syntax it uses, and the richness it provides to define fine grained validation constraints.Therefore, the JAXP 1.1 Expert Group (EG) introduced a set of APIs called Transformation API for XML (Tr AX) in JAXP 1.1, and since then, JAXP is called Java API for XML Processing.Thereafter, JAXP has evolved to an extent, where now it supports a lot more things (like validation against schema while parsing, validation against preparsed schema, evaluating XPath expressions, etc.,) than only parsing an XML document.But in JAXP 1.1 (JSR-63), XML transformation was introduced using XSL-T.Unfortunately, the W3C XSL-T specification does not provide any APIs for transformation.Maybe in future versions of JAXP, the EG might decide to support J-DOM as well. Another Event-based parsing called Pull Parsing, should have been made part of JAXP.

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