Decoding dating signals

You walk in the door and she’s dressed to the nines, chomping at the bit to go out on the town.

If your date is playing with their phone do something interesting or just give up. If the person that you like responds to your texts right away it means that they are more interested in you than if they take more time to respond.

She tells you it’s fine and the two of you will work it out. You know it will be a tough week, but you tell your parents, “See you at the airport! Women are natural nurturers and have a hard time saying no.

Call your parents back immediately and say, “I’m sorry you booked these tickets without consulting me, but it’s so-and-so’s bar exam in a week.

A woman is NOT more likely to sleep with a guy because he pays on a date.

Interestingly enough, when we asked “What if he spends over 0? If your date makes plans with you at the last minute, you are not a backup plan, and who cares if you are? If your date asks you out to coffee rather than a drink it doesn’t mean anything special. Conclusion Our dating tips can be summed up into one single word of wisdom: RELAX.

Of course, this is with the exception of hippie dippy care-free people who aren’t always glued to their cellphone.

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