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At its heart, Geek Bomb is fundamentally about celebrating, inspiring, and getting to know women in geek.

Founded by our Boss Bomb Maude Garrett and featuring a Bomb Squad filled with diverse, talented, and totally badass ladies, Geek Bomb has a mindset much like : Females are strong as hell.

Change your picture to one that looks like you and you'll attract people who are interested.

You'd certainly expect the same courtesy of others.

GB: Who are some of your favourite fictional female characters of all time? I’m terrible at picking favorite ANYTHINGS, because when I pick one, I end up remembering five others.

If I had to choose for this moment, I would say Lyra from the are as intriguing if not more than Odysseus himself.

GB: How would you like to see this industry grow for not only women, but within the entertainment space? Bhimani Twitter/IG/You Tube: sweeetanj (with three e’s! Anjali She's a 23-year-old writer, massive goofball, and quite possibly Jim Halpert's long-lost sister.

Let's face it: much of your time probably takes place after 11 pm on a weeknight while you’re just in underwear and eating Ben & Jerry's straight from the pint while flirting with attractive strangers.

Because of this, it can be easy to forget that the goal of your pursuit is to actually meet people in real life and for that meeting to be successful. Fortunately, you can instantly enhance your online dating life without having to leave your house by making sure you haven't fallen prey to these seven common mistakes in online dating: It's common for people to post pictures on their profiles that flatter them but look nothing like how they really look in real life.

AB: Oh gosh, this question always worries me a little because it implies a starting point to something that really just evolved over time.

I mean, you could say I got started with my first play in elementary school or with my first community theatre play or my first professional gig, but the real origin goes back to that little girl creating in her room.

And it’s about time we start celebrating that again.

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