Dating tips introducing your children

After all nothing else says “you got it right – you pass” like a polite smile or compliment from an admirer.Some of our favourite straight trannies and partners struggle with the concept of guys in the club.It would be totally wrong to think that a guy at The Way Out Club must be gay – after all what self respecting gay guy fancies a ‘girl’ (even if she has got a cock).Of course we love to see gay guys at the club and many of us have gay friends who love the club.But that’s the way we always wanted the club to be.

This particular group is especially difficult to label, since its members tend to keep themselves hidden.

And who cannot be labelled in a simple way will not only find themselves wrongly categorised but also, by being wrongly categorised, is forever doomed to be misunderstood.

Everyone knows what gay and straight means, just as everyone knows what a transvestite is, but there is no label for a man who is attracted to transvestites.

Forum: When did the fascination with T-girls start for you?

It’s the nature of the society we live people have to be given labels.

However since those days you have become more and more confident and socialy skilled and yes younger, better dressed and now many of you are very fanciable and have become good friends to many of us.

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