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Annie says that women can get better at defining what they want from the experience and then write a profile that expresses that. It is very discouraging to put time and effort into someone and then have them just disappear.” It’s fine. Your time is not unlimited, and you have no obligation to respond to every single message you get, just like you don’t have to accept a drink from every guy who offers you one in a bar.If the message is really great but you just don’t see it working, there’s no reason NOT to respond with a “hey thanks for this great message but I’m not interested” – I do this sometimes – but it’s 100% ok to not respond. Some thought you should respond while others thought it was a waste of time.Online dating is advertised as the way to meet “interesting people” and boy some of them are really interesting. People spend 0 a year trying to find that special someone. Online dating isn’t the ideal but right now it is the only way to meet new people. Men say they don’t understand women and women don’t understand men and when you add the typing and texting component, there is even more room for misunderstandings and missteps, well, it’s not surprising that it is only 20% find sucess.There are 54,000,00 single men and women in the US. There are slightly more men online dating than woman (52.4% male/47.6% female). How can we make online dating easier and a more attractive option?The people that I was meeting weren’t anything like their profile.” Jo agreed.“One wants to chat for a while on line and then talk on the phone (up to a month sometimes) while others are very straight forward. You have to be able to figure out which one is which and respond accordingly.”“Men have told me that they want a committed relationship but I am just looking for some fun. I have been looking after people my whole life and at this stage of the game I am not interested in going back into the nurturing role. Many of us have not dealt with our own issues about independence and solitude. And that is just waste of time, especially for professional people like myself who can’t afford to waste our time.” My experience seems to indicate that women by and large, don’t know what they want and as such they don’t find it.It is hard to find what you want if you don’t know what you are looking for. I finally improved my profile, changed my strategy and read a lot of books to try and understand what I could improve and at some point I became good at it and started getting what I wanted.” Jo: “I think I have been impatient.

But, with the right preparation and approach, parents and their teens can survive what should be an exciting time in their lives. Now I’m NOT talking about deceptively selling something to someone they don’t need or don’t want.Whether it’s the attractive person at the bar who’s glanced at you twice and you haven’t made a move on, that promotion you deserve that you won’t speak up about, or the dream job that you desire but just haven’t made progress towards. However, the term “selling” makes people uncomfortable. So don’t bullshit yourself by bullshitting other people. Now I’m not suggesting you go be a stand up comedian. But if there’s something you found funny, share it.Is it possible that men feel like their hands are tied because they are not sure what the proper thing is to do.Annie agreed, “I have found that to be a big challenge for the men I know.Gay boys and men, are you looking for love in the sparkly pink years ahead?

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