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Need 4 love thrives to meet the highest standards that's why unlike other Russian women personals websites, we fully comply with the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act.

Many Russian and Ukrainian dating services such as, have membership or upgrade fees.

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Since the end of the WWII Ukraine and Russia have significant shortage of men.How come so many beautiful Russian and Ukrainian girls are looking for husbands abroad?Why can't they find a partner in Ukraine or Russia?Only 45% of Ukrainian and Russian women end up finding a husband in their countries.Besides, constant political and economical instability in Ukraine and Russia forces women to join dating services in the hope to find a husband in more successful countries such as Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia. At Need For Love you can contact any Russian and Ukrainian girls without worrying about your privacy.Need4love is a fast growing dating community of men and women who want to find a partner abroad.

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