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My father doesn’t see what’s to be gained from that. On the other hand, doesn’t everyone have a basic right to know this information?

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This issue comes up so often that when I do live events I often ask for a show of hands from the audience as to whether they’d want to know or not want to know if the man they thought of as Dad was not their biological father.He’s a partial owner so his career won’t be negatively affected. I guess I have similar reservations, but I am having so much fun with this fairy tale relationship that I am afraid to address them. Dear Confused, I think that he has nothing to lose, and you have everything.He’s a partial owner, so even if your relationship is seen as bad judgment on his part by his fellow poobahs, you will be the one forced to switch out of your group or even leave the company.He is also extremely wealthy, which brings with it all the benefits you would expect—travel, luxury gifts, fancy restaurants, etc.Tom recently broached the subject of reporting our relationship to work.Dear Prudence, I am a single woman in my mid-30s and have worked for a private company for almost a decade.

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