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In our grandparents generation, everyone was kind of dating everyone.

They truly got to know people, and then would “go steady” with the person who they really found a connection with.

Create a FREE Personal Shop today and discover a better way to shop! My boyfriend is meeting me at a hot new eatery in Hollywood—where I have no intention of letting him pay—and I find myself yet again reaching for jeans, a slouchy top and black stilettos before I let my hand wander over to a multitude of neglected dresses, skirts and florals. Recently a successful French chef, drunk on wine, oysters and his own opinions, lamented to me about the modern woman’s migration from coy and feminine to assertive and even aggressive.

The most important thing, going into this situation, that Suzie should keep in mind is that she is not in a race to find a partner before some deadline. She should enjoy the company of pleasant people, (and suffer the company of the rest.) Discover how many wonderful people are out there in the world.

Relationships are complicated and have drastically changed since our grandparents’ generation.

In the intimidating world of dating, remember to remain open to getting to know people instead of building up walls around your heart.

This is extremely hard to do if we refuse to go on a first date with someone unless we are positive that we could see ourselves marrying them! Give all of your relationships and friendships to him!

Allow yourself to be vulnerable and open up to others.

You have to get to know someone before you can decide if there is any connection! Don’t be concerned with being sure that you could marry someone on the first date.

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