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All items of businesses require a notice period as follows:- Questions - 14 clear days (Rule37) Resolutions - 15 clear days (Rule-98-B) Amendments to resolutions – 3 clear days (Rule 103) Private Members' Bills - 30 clear days (Rule 66) Amendment to Bills - 2 clear days (Rule 81) Motions - 15 days (Rule 111) Motions for reduction of demands,i.e.

Cut-Motions - 5 days (Rule 124) Half-an-hour discussion - 3 days (Rule 57) Resolution for removal of Speaker -14 days (Article 179) Adjournment Motion - One hour before the sitting (Rule 59) For the purpose of answering questions, the Departments of Government are divided into groups and dates are fixed for each group.

Members are restricted to three such questions for any sitting day.

The questions are asked in the order listed by the member who requested it.

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Notices of questions are required to be in writing in appropriate forms.

When the Governor summons the Assembly, summons are sent to each member by name, indicating the date, time and place appointed by the Governor for the session of the Assembly.

Prorogation by the Governor terminates the session of the Assembly and within a session the Speaker may adjourn the House from time to time or adjourn sine die.

« All the Tender Inviting Authorities are requested to publish their tenders in Online Payment mode only.

For any clarification they may contact State Procurement Cell in the Contact No.

For TIAs in every working Tuesdays 11.30AM to 12.30PM.

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