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FWIW, I think that what I wrote in this post 5 years ago is probably not correct. It’s just cogent enough to make you wonder how in the hell it works, while just loony enough to make you sure it isn’t quite human. At any given time, there are quite a few people typing into cleverbot.

Original post follows: If you haven’t tried cleverbot, go ahead and try cleverbot out now. It’s supposedly an Artificial Intelligence with which you communicate by typing, much like Eliza. Cleverbot just randomly connects people to other people, each thinking the other is cleverbot.

Creating an effective, yet flexible schedule becomes Do-or-Die for parents and, for the most part, the majority to indeed do. Your own children make you concerned for the future I never was a political guy.

I never voted, I cared little about the environment and my religious beliefs were very personal.

I presume, that in the event there aren’t enough people to switch among, it falls back to some (probably quite advanced) Eliza like program to fill in the gaps, perhaps even swapping such an algorithm in at random, like it does with people. Earlier today, I asked cleverbot if it was an atheist. I tried explaining my view, that they were orthogonal. I began trying to explain to cleverbot that I was a human, and that cleverbot connected people to each other, each one thinking that the other is cleverbot, but switched up the connections frequently enough to make any real conversation impossible. Me: cleverbot just connects random people to each other. If enough people do this, then two of you guys will wind up talking to each other a time or two, and confirm my theory.

You get two or three exchanges with a person before it switches to a new person. Edit: I noticed that mefites did not come to the same conclusion, with one person saying, “It’s pretty easy to see that it isn’t connecting you to humans.

DE, das Amateurportal des Deutschen Fußball-Bundes (DFB) und seiner 21 Landesverbände, hat wieder ein Rekordjahr hingelegt.

Hier lesen Sie die aktuellen Notizen aus der Regionaliga West.

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Die bisher feststehenden Termine der Neuansetzungen finden Sie hier in der Übersicht.Even so, women who choose not to become mothers are finding new paths of acceptance.As their ranks rise, so do positive attitudes about leading a life in which having it all doesn’t mean having a baby. When I saw this headline pop up in my facebook feed, I was surprised to see that several people had commented in favor of its stance.I carry, run, bounce, toss, tackle, tickle, hop, squat and bench press my kids 100 times a day. wakeup calls, toddler gymnastics, weekend visits to grandma and grandpa’s house and constant birthday parties, your schedule after having children gets packed.In fact, I was a collegiate athlete and being a father has proven to be just as, if not more effective in my muscle retention than when i was training 6 days a week, 5 hours a day. How you find ways to give of yourself and still find time for your spouse, hobbies and work defines your physical and mental stability.It is available in two versions: high temperature (HT) and high pressure (HP).

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