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We tried to make it work as best we could, but ultimately the distance worked against us.

As I watched my own relationship and the long-distance relationships of my friends dissolve around me, I vowed never to embark on a nightmare like that ever again.

We met at the March 28, 2008 Lock and Key Event in NYC.

Since then, I've fallen love with the most incredible woman in the world!

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It will give you the opportunity to see each other while hearing the tone of your voices.Some say this is unlikely because you need "real" in-person time together to know if you're truly compatible, but a number of couples that started their relationships this way disagree.Fight the lonely bouts by keeping yourself busy with friends, family and loved ones, and continually nurture your social ties.Who knows..might be getting a wedding invitation later this year...Philadelphia (PA)Hi Lock and Key, I just turned 29 years old and am happily married to my best friend and soulmate!If you've already begun to drift away from friends since beginning a long-distance relationship, give those friends a call and make some plans.

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