Dating disaster god woman


One of the weirdest, most enchanting, and most delicate gifts God has given us is the gift of flirtation.

Flirting gets expressed in a million different customizable ways as a key part of romantic bonding.

“And it can save someone’s life.” Hall admits that she still becomes emotional when she thinks about how sudden it all was.

“When I sat across from him, he looked like the perfect picture of health,” Hall says of her date.

Flirting is not to be confused with sexual consent or sexual immediacy; it’s merely a sign of sexual availability (as in: single and looking).

And the act of flirting can be as simple as a comment or facial expression to signal your attraction to a member of the opposite sex.

Janie Hall, 45, of Joplin, was full of excitement when she arrived at the Cheesecake Factory in Kansas City on April 7 to meet her date for the first time after a couple weeks of chatting.

“They boxed our food and we continued to talk for 45 more minutes, chatting about family and friends.” But suddenly her date coughed three times and lifted his finger as if to excuse himself.

“We weren’t eating so I knew he wasn’t choking,” Hall remembers.

The duo hit it off after they met on the dating site, Plenty of Fish.

“He contacted me and we talked for two weeks,” Hall tells PEOPLE of her date, a man in his 50s who wishes to remain unnamed while he’s recovering. Social change is big for me and when he told me about his volunteer work, that really stood out to me.

I told him, ‘I never got to thank you for the meal,’ and he said, ‘Oh my god, you saved my life!

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