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Rest assured, if you’re going through a troubled phase in your married life, just consider trying out chat rooms for singles.You may never know you might just end up making a really cool friend who can shine some wisdom on how you can beat the odds and keep your marriage balanced.Manilow and the handsome Mr Kief, 66, have been together for more than 30 years, since Kief saved the singer from financial ruin in the early Eighties, after discovering that he had only ,000 remaining in liquid assets, and that the rest of his multi-million earnings was tied up in unprofitable investments.

'I had to sign a statement saying that if they needed to remove half my mouth I would let them do it,' he said later.

The news that Barry Manilow, the world's richest and most successful popular singer, has married his male manager, Garry Kief, at a secret wedding, may have stunned the legions of women who worship the 71-year-old icon's every move, but it is not likely to stop the traffic on Hollywood Boulevard.

For while many fans reacted on social media with broken-hearted shock — with one post reporting: 'my Mum can't stop crying about Barry' — there were many who had long suspected that, despite the star's decades of protestations to the contrary, the perma-tanned, disco-dancing smoothie was gay.

In 1982, he was bedridden in a Paris hotel with bronchial pneumonia, and was ordered by doctors to cancel a nine-concert European tour.

Then, in 1986, he was rushed into hospital in agony.

The tumour was removed, along with much of the bone surrounding it. As a result of the surgery, Manilow has had to undergo constant dental treatment ever since, but amazingly, his singing voice survived.

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