Damen dating


In both cases, the suspect has met the victims at their homes, and after a short time produced a knife in order to commit the robberies.The suspect is described as a white man between the ages of 30 and 35, approximately 5-foot-10 and 160 pounds, according to police.Damen grew up in Florence Italy under the name Damen Augustus Notte.His father was an alchemist attempting to create an elixir for Immortality.In the orphanage, Damen was abused physically and emotionally for years.

He met many artist's in his lifetime and would often model for them.

In Everlasting, Damen has, in fact, had a past life. An Immortal stuck forever at the age of seventeen, Damen is an extremely cultured young man.

Growing up in Florence Italy, he was exposed to the Renaissance that was going on, so naturally, he can speak fluent Italian.

Damen has access to Summerland, a place where dead souls that did not cross over stay.

Damen has olive toned skin, glossy black hair and deep brown eyes.

Chicago Police are seeking a man they believe is responsible for two knifepoint robberies on the North Side that occurred after the suspect met the victims through a dating app.

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