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4 Steps for your P11d (b) If there have been no expense payments or benefits to an individual you will not be required to submit a P11d, however you will need to check that you have not informed HMRC that a P11d is due via PAYE, in which case you need to submit a nil return.If you have submitted a P11d in previous years and one has been issued to you for the current year you will need to complete a nil return and inform HMRC that you no longer need to submit The filing deadline for the P11d(b) form is 6 July.Penalties will be calculated at £100 per 50 employees for each month/part month.You will initially receive reminders from HMRC that your P11d is overdue when it has not been received by 19 July – after this you will only receive a penalty notification when your return is 4 months overdue and you would have already incurred a minimum of £400 penalties so it is important to get your returns submitted by 19 July at the very latest!The book is divided into six parts, followed by Appendices.

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Do you receive or pay your staff expenses or benefits in the year, do these employees earn over £8,500 a year or are they directors?

Then by law you need to complete and submit a P11d form to HMRC for each employee/director that has received the benefits and a P11d(b) to summarise the class 1A NIC due.

A P11D is the form to declare the benefits in kind – items which are received/paid from the company in addition to normal salary.

In the form you will need to enter the total value of any expenses, facilities and benefits that have been paid during the year to employees, or their family or household. Prior to April 2016 expenses did not need to be declared on a P11d if you had a valid dispensation in place.

If HMRC do not receive the return by 19 July a penalty will be incurred.

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