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We rank sex as important in our relationships, but it’s certainly not the central defining element in our lives.In this way, lesbian couples are no different than straight couples.While lesbians represent merely 1% to 2% of the population, recent studies tell us as many as 16% of Americans neither identify as heterosexual nor homosexual but somewhere in between (you can read more about bisexual stats and stereotypes here).In fact, a growing number of young people see sexuality in terms of a spectrum.These false impressions shouldn’t be believed, however to ensure you don’t fall victim to one, we have summarised six of the most common dating myths.It might happen in films and on television, but in the real world this rarely happens.

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This can be frustrating to many lesbians who just want their relationships accepted but find themselves on the wrong end of a fetish. To counter the stereotypes out there, I’m going to tackle three common myths about lesbian love. For years, I’ve traveled across the country serving the lesbian community, and it’s truly amazing to meet so many loving lesbian couples who have stayed together over the years, overcoming social pressures, such as shunning, secrecy, or family disapproval.Listen up: There’s nothing inherently flawed in lesbian relationships, and straight relationships aren’t superior.After all, the divorce rate in the straight community has hovered around 50% of marriages for decades now.Beliefs become words, and words become actions, so be careful what you accept as fact.Some misconceptions can lead to discrimination or even hate crimes, and we’ve come too far to fall prey to that.If everyone followed this rule, there would be far less successful dating experiences and an increase in disappointment.

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