American dating israeli man

Levi wrote in a Facebook report that when Yair was talking about an ex-girlfriend in the tape, he was most likely referring to her.“It’s important for me to clarify and speak my opinion about the content of the recorded conversation,” she added.American officials told their Israeli counterparts that Moscow could have 'levers of pressure' over Trump, it is alleged.The claim has been made in newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, but has not been verified.The document made a string of salacious allegations about Trump's conduct during a 2013 visit to Moscow, claiming the president-elect had been compromised. The Yedioth Ahronoth article alleged that Israeli officials were told to be careful about sharing information with the White House after Trump takes office, until the new administration has shown it can be trusted.The article does not state where or when the alleged meeting took place.Sir Andrew, who was ambassador between 19, said: 'I know him to be a very professional operator who left the secret service to operate his own company.'I do not think he would make things up - but I do not think he would always draw the correct judgement'.

Former British ambassador to Moscow, Sir Andrew Wood, 77, described Steele as a 'very professional operator'.The age of unquestioning support for Israel from American Jews is over: An era of conflict is replacing the age of solidarity.Within the American Jewish community, there are two major aspects to this divide: ambivalence and anger.Now it is claimed US figures have briefed their Israeli counterparts to be cautious with Trump's team.The latest story, penned by investigative journalist Ronen Bergman, cites a recent meeting between US and Israeli officers.It says: 'Trump's unorthodox behavior in Russia over the years had provided the authorities there with enough embarrassing material on the now Republican presidential candidate to be able to blackmail him if they so wished.'The document states that Trump had declined 'sweetener' real estate deals in Russia that the Kremlin lined up in order to cultivate him.

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