Absolutely free cam

The High Speed Machining feature is great, it provides toolpaths to quickly and efficiently remove material with little "air" time.This saves a lot of time, especially when machining irregular pockets.We were talked into many other EXPENSIVE software packages during the years, but unfortunately, they now sit “collecting dust”.They didn’t do anymore that EZ-CAM did for us and had a VERY big learning curve, whereas I can take a newbie and have them programming in a day with EZ-CAM. The ease of learning and using the product is truly amazing.When I found out the new shop was using something different I was second guessing to not change jobs since the person I was replacing was no longer there and I was on my own to learn it. I can only think of how much easier it would have been when I was starting out if I would have started on EZ-CAM. I work at Eckhart in Lansing Michigan and we use EZCAM for all of our cnc machining centers.I can go from a drawing to having my post file so much faster using EZ-CAM it’s not even funny. It is a fast, effective, affordable way to program simple to complicated parts. So we are making unique parts on a daily basis and EZCAM makes that possible.I use the Pro version and 50 percent of what I do is on a forth axis.I have predominantly used Master CAM, and Surf CAM at shops before changing jobs. It just all makes sense so it wasn’t even like learning something new for me.

“We get the support we need in a timely manner” Thank you My company uses EZ-CAM for several reasons. It is only as complex as the part you are programming.I have tried Master Cam it was good but very expensive and could not do anything better than EZ Cam. In short, I can recommend this program, no matter how complicated the machining needs to be. Sincerely We, here at Watts Water Technologies, use the EZ-CAM software to create the G-code used in our Sodick wire EDM machines.We make carbide tooling on 6 axii platforms (uvwxyz) that are in turn are used in production environments to make valves.True Conversational Programming MILL TURN EDM The Goal: EZ-CAM delivers the absolutely amazing simplicity of the conversational control.And at your fingertips you will design with CAD, import files, progra ..You’re not locked into a generated path because of model constraints.

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