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Well we know that John Hamm was right but nobody paid attention.There are no solutions and for that reason Health-Care Officials, Politicians and the Media are all grasping for straws, as their efforts continue to be all in vain.Manoj, In case you were not aware, Politicians and the Media will not inform you of the future of Health-Care, as they don’t want the people to know.

My father-in-law spent four years in Europe as part of the Canadian Military between 19 and lost a foot during the war, but he and his friends never heard of PTSD.

My submission for a definition for a ‘System’ is one that still holds true today: A System is a planned method in a controlled environment with enforced disciplines.

Keeping the above definition in mind and the issue that is driving the system, you can understand why the system has collapsed.

Please read this Link: We have seen the future of the state of the Nations, including the Health-Care System and it is not a pretty picture.

We gave you an insight into ‘The Problematic World Order in a Changing World’ in the article ‘The True Christ vs the False Christs’.

Since the Health-Care System has been fully exposed, and Manoj Vohra, as President of Doctors Nova Scotia, ignored our invitation to explain the Mystery of God and declare the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His message of Repentance, our communication with Doctors Nova Scotia concludes our Health Care System Communication File.

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